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Dental Exams: The One Thing You Don’t Want to Leave Off Your Back to School List!

Warm summer days are synonymous with more sweet treats than usual such as ice cream, popsicles and sweet iced drinks. So as the summer draws to a close and the new school year begins, your family’s regular routine is calling! This includes your dental routine.

How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine After the Summer Break

  1. Dental Exam and Cleaning — Before your schedule is fully booked up again, get your family’s dental exams on the calendar. A trip to the dentist is a great way to get your kid’s dental routine back on track if there were bad habits formed over the summer, and the team at Cusumano & Stuver will provide them with tips for maintaining the best oral hygiene and how to get the most from brushing and flossing.

  2. Plan Healthy Meals — With a list, you will be more likely to stick to what you need and steer away from foods that are bad for your oral health, particularly sweet treats!

  3. Create a Bedtime Routine — It’s important to have a consistent routine each night for kids to be able to wind down and have a good night’s sleep. Part of this routine includes brushing and flossing their teeth. Parents should assist or oversee children until they are about 8 or 9 years old to ensure a proper oral hygiene technique and routine.

Other Reasons Why You Should Get a Dental Check-Up

It’s always important to visit the dentist to ensure dental issues are picked up early and preventative measures can be taken accordingly. If dental problems are left untreated, they can lead to more serious and painful issues in the future. In addition to the dental exam, these are other areas your doctors at Cusumano & Stuver will look out for:

  1. Gum HealthSeptember is National Gum Care Month, so it’s a great time to shine a light on your child’s gum health and learn the best brushing and flossing techniques from the expert dental hygienists and doctors at Cusumano & Stuver. Gums are like the foundations of your teeth, so it’s important for your kids to understand why they need to take such good care of them.

  2. Nightguards — There are various reasons why children may grind their teeth at night, and the stress of school can be one of the reasons. This can cause disturbed sleep and headaches among other longer-term issues. At their dental check-up, we can review if there are any signs of teeth grinding (bruxism).

  3. Mouthguards — If your child plays certain sports, they may require a mouthguard to protect their teeth — our team is here to help! Even if your child already has a mouthguard, it’s important that the doctors at Cusumano & Stuver check the mouthguard yearly to ensure it still fits properly. Growth spurts and the loss or gain of teeth can affect the fit of a mouthguard and a poorly fitting one will not protect their smile.

  4. Dental Sealants — Depending on the health of your child’s teeth (usually the molars and premolars), we may recommend dental sealants. According to the ADA, sealants can reduce the risk of getting cavities in the future by 80%.

  5. Professional Cleaning — No matter how well your child brushes their teeth, it’s still extremely important to have a professional cleaning twice a year to ensure cavity-causing bacteria is removed, particularly from the hard-to-reach areas. Professional cleanings can also help with stain removal on the teeth.

We understand there is a lot on your plate as the school year begins, but don’t forget to put a dental exam and cleaning onto your child’s back-to-school list.

At Cusumano & Stuver Dentistry of Arlington, we conveniently treat the entire family so speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team to arrange your family’s appointments to suit your schedule. We look forward to welcoming you to our dental practice!

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